100 DAYS

This project is an investigation into America’s historical and political truths. I, like many of us, know far too little about the real history of this country and its current impact as an imperialist world presence. For the next 100 days, I will research, reflect, and create art, posting each daily investigation here. I believe that political education and art are two of our strongest tools in the fight for justice. We must know our history if we hope to envision a new future.

“To win any struggle for liberation, you have to have the way as well as the will, an overall ideology and strategy that stem from a scientific analysis of history and present conditions… Revolutionary war is a people’s war. And no people’s war can be won without the support of the masses of people.”

– Assata Shakur

Please join me by following this blog or by sending me articles and book recommendations through the Contact page. I look forward to sharing my journey with each of you.

Day 1: The True Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Day 2: Punishing Speech: America and Whistle-Blowers


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